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Do you need a variety of toilet paper and cleaning chemical products and equipment?

Choosing the best toilet paper and toilet tissue to suit your needs involves various factors to consider. Crescent Manufacturers and Distributors have the range of toilet paper that will suit you. Toilet paper manufacturing isn’t all that Crescent Manufacturers and Distributors do, they also supply cleaning detergents, brushes and brushware as well as general cleaning equipment.

Toilet paper products can vary greatly. The technical factors which make up the finished toilet paper product provide the distinctive differences. Toilet paper manufacturing involves aspects that you would want to consider when selecting your toilet paper from manufacturers in Gauteng. Size, weight, smoothness, softness and if the toilet paper contains chemical residues which may prove to be a problem for people who are sensitive or allergic to such chemical residues. Other important characteristics you will want to consider when dealing with toilet paper distributors are strength and absorbance.

When it comes to toilet paper manufactured by Crescent Manufacturers and Distributors, quality is typically determined by the number of stacked layers, commonly referred to as ply, which make up the rolls of fine tissue. Lower quality toilet paper usually consist of a single ply of paper which in itself is usually coarse, low grade recycled paper to begin with. While being cheap, low quality toilet paper may contain unbleached and unspooled paper. Two ply toilet paper will prove to offer a better quality toilet paper and may be embossed so as to provide a softer, comfortable texture. Higher quality, premium toilet tissue may include a fine layer of medicated antibacterial chemical or aloe. These premium toilet papers may also be fragranced,offer a quilted texture and may even be printed with a subtle design. These paper products manufacturing is what Crescent Manufacturers and Distributors specialize in.

Crescent Manufacturers and Distributors manufacture quality cleaning detergents. Crescent Manufacturers and Distributors offer wholesale cleaning chemicals in Johannesburg. To complement the cleaning chemicals are all the necessary cleaning equipment and materials you will need. From brooms, mops, brushes, cloths and janitorial equipment such as trolleys, Crescent Manufacturers and Distributors will cater for all your requirements.

From industrial to household cleaning chemicals, based in Germiston, Gauteng, Crescent Manufacturers and Distributors manufacture cleaning products which are food safe and eco-friendly

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Virgin 1 Ply Dazzle

Virgin 1 ply Dazzle toilet paper

Virgin 1 Ply (PREMIUM)

Virgin Amber 1 ply toilet paper

Virgin 2 Ply Baby Blue Soft

Virgin 2 Ply Baby Blue Soft

Plain Virgin 2ply

Baby Blue Soft 2 ply toilet paper
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